This exhibition ran from 1st May to 1st November.  The main site for the exhibition was in what is now Fitzgeralds Park on the western side of the city, whilst the industrial and agricultural exhibits were in an adjscent field, on a site that is now the U.C.C. sports ground.

          The site was bounded on one side by the River Lee, and on the other side by the Cork & Muskerry Railway, and the Cork Electric Tramway System.  On the site were the Industrial Hall, the Machinery Hall, Art Gallery, Canadian Pavillion, and all the various Government Agricultural exhibits and stands.  The amusement park contained a Switchback Railway, skating Rink, Shooting Gallery, Aquarium, Temperance Restaurant and a creamery.

          No precise attendance figures are available, but the numbers are estimated to run into some hundreds of thousands.

Site plan.


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