This exhibition was staged in premises in Duke Street designed for the East End Exhibition of 1890/91 (which was held to raise money for a "People's Palace" for the East End).  Although the 1903/4 exhibition had as its specific aim the raising of money for the Royal Infirmary, it was also intended to display and encourage the work of the artisan classes, and provide entertainment, particulrly for the East End of the city.  It ran from 9th December 1903 until 9th April 1904, drew 908,897 visitors, and made a profit of £221.  From the financial side the exhibition was a failure because it was hoped that they would have doubled the £3,000 profits of the earlier exhibition.

            The opening ceremony was performed by the Right Hon. The Lord Balfour of Burliegh, followed by a concert given
by the Royal Marines with a chorus of three hundred voices.  The sections of the exhibition were; Paintings, Womens Industries, Handicrafts, Clyde Shipbuilding, Amateur Photography and commercial exhibits by many of the leading local and foreign firms.Admission was 2.5p for adults or 37.5p for a season ticket.   

         One interesting person was the Chairman of the Exhibition, David Fortune.  A contemporary account described his hobby as exhibitions, and commented he had been involved with at least four other exhibitions, including the last East End Industrial Exhibition.


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