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relating to exhibitions.

Crystal Palace Foundation.          A voluntary organisation established in 1979.
                                                                 Since then it has emerged as one of the leading   
                                                                 authorities on the Crystal Palace and it's history.
                                                                  It also helps to support the museum and aims to
                                                                  keep  alive the memory of the Crystal Palace.

The Great Exhibition of 1851.      A few notes on the 1851 exhibition.


Martin Packer site.                       An excellent site, you could spend hours  
                                                                 here! Very wide range of Festival of Britain
                                                                 material - plus many, many more links.

Festival of Britain Society.           The site has information about the Society and
                                                                 about  the Festival.

World's Fair Collectors
                                                  Information about the Society.

Brussels 1910.                              The World's Fair at Brussels in 1910 seen through
                                                                 100's of postcards.

Goss and Crested China
                                                     Site devoted to Goss and creasted china produced
                                                                 from late 1800's to 1930's.

Greasy Spoon Cafe.                    A look at life in the 1950's - background information
                                                                for Festival ???

British Empire Exhibition
                                          Hear King George the Fifth open the Exhibition !!

Empire Exhibition 1938.                Memories of the exhibition.

Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938.    3D models of the main buildings.

Empire Exhibition of 1938.          Information on new trams for the exhibition.

Architects Website.                        Andy MacMillan recalls his childhood visit to the British Empire exhibition at Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park.

New York World Fair.                 Information on New York's two World Fairs.

New York World Fair 1964.         Information on the New York 1964 World Fair.

Pan-American 1901.                    Information about the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

National Archives.                            An interesting site with a changing display of varied on-line exhibitions.     

Science & Society.                       Searchable library of pictures.

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